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Lake Meridian Chiropractic has been providing quality, effective chiropractic care to the residents of Kent Washington since 1990. Our expert team of three Board Certified chiropractors will help you regain your good health and live pain free without drugs using advanced techniques not readily available from other chiropractors. Winner, Best of Kent 2015
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Conditions We Can Help With

Patients come to our chiropractic clinic in Kent for many different reasons. Some are seeking to restore health naturally while others are looking for immediate relief from both chronic and acute symptoms. Some of the symptoms and conditions our top chiropractic team tackles every day include:

Pain: Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Headaches, Migraines, Pinched Nerves, Herniated Discs, Hip Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia

Accidents: Sports Injuries, Car Accidents, Auto Injuries and Workplace Injuries, Whiplash, Trauma, Concussions, Head Injuries

Chronic Conditions: Allergies, Dizziness, Vertigo, Colic, Arthritis, Sinus Issues and more

Dr. Saggau with a Chiropractic Patient

What Types of Patients Do We See?

Our patients range from infants to seniors with everything in between.

Adults: Many of the adults we see have been in auto accidents or have been injured on the job. Work-related injuries include one-time events like falls, strains and accidents or conditions that arise from repetitive stresses like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Athletes: Adult and teen athletes often come see us complaining of pain in the back and neck resulting from various sports injuries. Many people don’t think of chiropractic care for hips, knees, shoulders and arms, but these are treated as well and are common in sports like football, baseball, basketball, golf, running or skiing. Our athletes, especially teens, seem to be the most prone to concussions and we can help in the recovery of severe symptoms that result from this type of brain injury.

Children: Kids are a specialty of ours and you’ll find great pediatric chiropractors on staff. Working with babies and infants requires extra care and training. We make chiropractic care safe, effective and fun from birth through to the teen years.

Seniors: A geriatric chiropractor is trained to meet the unique needs of aging bodies. Older adults and seniors often arrive at our clinic after a slip or fall accident. They may also be looking for relief from arthritis pain in the hips, knees, back and extremities.

Patients at Lake Meridian Chiropractic

What Techniques Does our Kent Chiropractic Office Use?

Many of these chiropractic techniques may not mean anything to you unless you have been to another chiropractor in Kent or elsewhere that uses them. What you should glean from this list is that our team is trained in a variety of styles and techniques. This allows them to provide the right type and level of care to each patient.

Specific techniques used in our office include:

  • Atlas Orthogonal (AO) adjustments
  • Activator spinal adjustments
  • Blye Cranial adjustments
  • Extremity adjustments
  • G5 Chiropractic massage
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Non-Operative Spinal Decompression Therapy
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Need a Chiropractor with a Convenient Location and Hours?

Our office is open Monday through Friday and has extremely accommodating office hours which allows almost everybody the ability to find time for an appointment. Our location along Kent-Kangley Road near Lake Meridian between highway 18 and 167 is easy to access from Covington, Auburn, Renton and Seatac. There is always plenty of free, convenient parking to get you in and out quickly. Patients in Reception at Lake Meridian Chiropractic

Ready to Take Action?

Schedule an Appointment Now If you need a Kent Chiropractor, call Lake Meridian Chiropractic at (253) 630-1575 for an appointment today. We’ve been helping your friends and neighbors live pain free without drugs or surgery since 1990.

Not Convinced?

More than 75 patients have shared reviews on our website. Of these, a full two-thirds would identify themselves as skeptics. Many have had transformative experiences and are now proponents. If you are a skeptic, we invite you to read some of their very personal stories.

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