Atlas Orthogonal Adjustments

Atlas Orthogonal AdjustmentAtlas Orthogonal (AO) adjusting is a little-known chiropractic procedure that can relieve or completely eliminate hundreds of different kinds of conditions by correcting the position of the top vertebrae of the spine, the atlas.

Due to the atlas’s close proximity to the brain stem, if it has moved out of position even a fraction of a degree, two very serious things can happen – 1) improper / restricted nerve flow and 2) misalignment / imbalance of the body.

Because the atlas is the top bone of the spine, if it is rotated out of position, it can twist your entire spinal structure, including the pelvis so that your whole body is off balance.

atlas-anatomyThe doctor knows that putting the atlas back into proper position can enable the entire spine and pelvis to correct on their own. Body balance is restored and cord compression removed. This enables healing to begin flowing from head to toe.

Unlike other types of chiropractic the AO procedure feels like a light tap at the side of the neck as the atlas is moved precisely back into its correct position. It is completely “under whelming”. There is no twisting or popping of the neck. Patients are often surprised how anti-climatic it is until, over a period of time, they feel their bodies beginning to heal.

The procedure itself cures nothing. It simply restores the body balance and proper nerve flow so that organs, limbs and tissues can resume normal functioning. This is why we see so many different conditions with no apparent commonality responding to the same procedure. See below for a list of conditions that have responded well to this type of health care.

In the initial consultation the doctor will determine if you are a candidate for atlas orthogonal care and if so, explain why correcting the position of the atlas is the cornerstone to the health of your entire body.

After the examination the doctor will take a set of pre AND post x-rays. The Atlas Orthogonal (AO) chiropractor will NEVER adjust you unless it is known exactly how to correct the atlas based upon information gathered from x-rays. When the atlas is in the correct position it is “Orthogonal”, which means at right angles – 90 degree, hence the term Atlas Orthogonal (AO) for this procedure.

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