Activator Adjustments

The Activator technique is another very LOW FORCE and gentle means of adjusting without causing any unnecessary strain or stress on the patient’s body. The Activator allows for direct adjustment to the place required with a preset amount of gentle force that is always in control.

chiropractic-activatorThere is a neurological loop, brain to body-body to brain. It is amazing the profound control the nervous system has over the body and how a displaced vertebra can interfere with that control, causing bodily dysfunction and pain.

With Activator treatment, we take the interference and pressure away, restoring balance to the spinal column and nervous system. This is possible through a system of analysis inherent in the protocol. Because of the accuracy involved, we know where to adjust, when to adjust, and when not to adjust. We analyze and measure our patient’s response to care and thus accurately manage spinal balance for their optimal health and recovery. The most important protocol in our office: Analysis- Accuracy- Results.


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