Online Payments

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Pay for Your Chiropractic Services Online!

For your convenience, we now accept online payments through PayPal. PayPal gives you the flexibility to use a credit card or debit card to make payments quickly, easily–and securely–directly from our website.

  • Pay the balance due on a statement you received from us in the mail.
  • Pay for a copay or office visit.

Remit Payment

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Simple, Secure Transactions Using One of the World’s Most-Trusted Online Payment Providers

You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to make an online payment, and we accept all major credit and debit cards. Best of all, you can be confident that your transaction will be secure. With PayPal’s state-of-the-art payments platform, it’s possible for you to make electronic payments without ever providing your financial information to our office staff. No financial information is ever collected by our website or retained by Lake Meridian Chiropractic.

Here’s How it Works

Just follow these six simple steps to remit a payment to Lake Meridian Chiropractic:

  1. If you have a statement or account number, please type it in the box above. Otherwise, simply include the patient’s name.
  2. Click on the “Pay Now” button. A new tab or window will appear in your browser and you will automatically be directed to our payments page in PayPal’s secure system.
  3. Enter the amount of the payment you wish to remit and click on the “Continue” button.
  4. Enter your PayPal account or choose “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”.
  5. Provide credit or debit card information if necessary and click on the “Pay Now” button to complete your transaction.

After your payment has been accepted, you will receive an email confirmation directly from PayPal.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about this process, please call (253) 630-1575 or email


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