Whiplash and Auto Accident Injuries

accident-diagramThe term “whiplash” was originally coined to describe the manner in which a head is moved suddenly to produce a sprain in the neck. The more appropriate term used among doctors today is “whiplash syndrome,” which is a complex condition that is comprised of many injuries to the cervical spine.

So what is whiplash syndrome, and how is it treated? Simply worded, whiplash syndrome refers to the symptoms that occur following a whiplash injury. These can include physical symptoms like headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain, as well as overall changes that can affect mood, like fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration.

Car collisions are a common source of whiplash injuries, but these conditions can occur in other ways. A blow to the head can cause the head and neck to move in such a way that whiplash syndrome can result. Falling down can cause a whiplash injury, whether from a slip on a slick floor or from a skiing accident, especially when the head quickly hits the floor or hard surface.

One kind of injury that is very prone to occur during motor vehicle collisions is ligament damage. Ligaments are the tissues that hold your bones together, including the bones in your neck (cervical spine). When your neck gets whipped to and fro (which happens so fast, most of the time you don’t know how dramatically it occurred), the ligaments in your neck get stretched and essentially aren’t able to do their job like they should: namely, making sure those neck bones (vertebrae) don’t slip and slide on one another.

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic has been scientifically proven to reduce whiplash syndrome and effectively aid in the body’s natural healing ability after a whiplash injury. In a study published in the peer-reviewed medical journal, Journal of Whiplash and related disorders, 221 patients diagnosed with whiplash syndrome were treated with Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic care. After treatment, 84% of the patients experienced complete or near complete resolution of their pain and other neck related complications. All of the patients reported significant improvements in their conditions.

If you know anyone who has been in a car accident, or had a nasty fall while hitting the slopes, and is suffering from any of the symptoms we listed, let them know that help is out there for their whiplash injury. Schedule an appointment today to safely and effectively get out of pain and onto the road to natural healing.




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