Slips & Falls

Slips and falls, how many times has it happened to you? You’re running late, hurrying down the stairs, and lose your footing; or rushing out the door and slip on a wet floor: BAM. Down you go. Sometimes you feel the pain immediately, other times your adrenalin tides you over till a few minutes or hours later, when you feel some soreness or stiffness from the fall. You might even get lucky and not recognize any pain symptoms from the slip. You should know, though, that whether you land on your tail, catch yourself on your hands and knees, or are able to right yourself without a total wipeout, a strain almost always occurs in these situations, and your chiropractor should check your spine after such an accident.

Our world is hazardous, and countless sneaky slip-up opportunities lie around the corner for the next unsuspecting person to cross. There are sporting accidents, from a muddy soccer field to a slick ski slope, that can cause some bumps and bruises (or at the very least, some jostling in the neck or back). There are winter hazards, like navigating one’s way across an icy driveway or sidewalk, or climbing up steps where freezing temperatures have slickened the surfaces. Then there are run-of-the-mill trips: on carpet, on an outside deck, over a cord, furniture, or other protruding object. It’s true… accidents are everywhere!

Fortunately, we’re here for you, to help your body restore itself after all of those calamities, from the most minor slip to the hardest fall (though if you think you’ve broken something or need stitches, it’s best to head to urgent care first… we’ll be there after to help you get well faster). It’s important to note that catching yourself before going down completely can be worse than actually landing on the ground. The abrupt stop from your pre-fall “save” causes your muscles – especially those in the neck – to quickly contract and jerk. This is where strains come from, and often, misalignments in the cervical (or neck) region of the spine.

Had a slip, fall, trip, or slide? Call us. We’ll get you back on straight!




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