Who amongst us hasn’t experienced sinus pressure or clogged sinuses in his/her lifetime? Sinuses are simply hollows within the bones of our skulls lined with mucus membrane, and there are a few in particular that can be affected with allergies and illnesses such as cold or flu viruses. What you may not know is that we at Lake Meridian Chiropractic can effectively reduce sinus pressure and discomfort with chiropractic treatment.

Adjusting the atlas has an impact on sinus health and how well they are able to drain, be it from overactive mucus membranes due to allergies or due to sick bugs. There’s a lot to say about how your immune system is benefitted with chiropractic care, but that’s another story. In addition to the alignment of your atlas, there are special ways to boost the immune system to help your body fight off bacterial and viral infections. We can also help with sinus drainage relating to seasonal allergies. The symptoms you get from allergies result from an overactive immune system. Helping to balance the immune system with chiropractic care is just another way we can keep you healthy and feeling great year-round!




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