Is Scoliosis Going Undetected In Your Child?

Scoliosis is the development of abnormal curves side to side in the spine and unfortunately it often goes undetected, even with school screenings.  Scoliosis usually develops in children between 8-18 years old because those are the rapid growth years.  When it is finally discovered, there is usually some physical deformity that has developed such as an elevated shoulder or hip, humped back and/or head tilt.

What Causes Scoliosis?

The cause is not entirely clear, but recent research is shedding more light on the subject.  We know uneven leg lengths and a tipped pelvis are associated.  We know that uneven and prolonged muscle tension on one side of the spine will aggravate this condition.  We also know genetics can be a factor, but not the only factor.  Poor nutrition also plays a role because we see an increased incidence of scoliosis in kids who are malnourished and who consume more sugar and flour than others.  A U.S. study on scoliosis patients found they consumed twice as much candy and soda as other children!

What can be done?

If you suspect your child has scoliosis call to schedule an appointment so we can do a scoliosis screening on them.  We can adjust the atlas to bring the body back into balance and to even the leg length.  When the body is in proper balance it also relaxes the muscle tension in the spine.

The main objective is to stop the progression of the curve.  If it has not advanced too far, we can expect to see a reduction in the curves. One recent case of scoliosis in our office went from a 16 degree curve to completely straight with our treatment!

An annual checkup on your child is the best defense against scoliosis, so schedule one today.




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