Migraine Headaches

migraine-headacheA major cause of migraines or migraine headaches is a misalignment of the atlas vertebrae. When the atlas misaligns, a number of body processes are affected. First off, pressure is placed on the brain stem, which not only causes postural distortions and balance issues, but also pain in the area of the head and neck.

Secondly, the vertebral arteries, which wrap around the atlas bone, supply one third of your brain’s blood flow. During an atlas displacement, if even minute pressure is placed on these arteries, what you get is lack of proper blood supply to the brain. Specifically, these arteries supply most of the cranial nerves and the part of your brain responsible for vision, called the occipital cortex. When proper nutrition is cut off to this area of the brain (via reduced blood supply), what can result are floaters (little specks in your field of vision), light sensitivity, and sometimes the auras that accompany migraines.

By the use of mathematical calculations we can precisely realign the atlas vertebrae back into its correct position thus taking pressure off of both the brain stem and the vertebral arteries. This results in proper blood flow to your brain and proper nerve flow throughout the rest of your body. In restoring function to this ever-so-significant region of the spine, migraines are therefore reduced in both frequency and intensity, and oftentimes eradicated altogether.


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