headache-painOne study estimates over 50 million people in the US suffer from headaches, with approximately 30 million being affected by migraine headaches!

Although most headaches do not indicate a life threatening illness, they are a major cause of pain, missed work and rank as one of the most common reasons people consult a doctor. With so many types of headaches (129 listed by the International Headache Society) it is hard to know where to go to get relief. Muscle tension headaches, cervicogenic (joints of the neck) headaches and migraines are three of the most common types of headaches and ones with which we have great success treating. Read some of our reviews.

When we experience a stressful situation, one of the common ways our body responds is tensing the muscles, especially those in our neck and shoulders, which can then result in a “Stress (or Tension) Headache”. These muscular spasms and knots can pull your neck vertebrae out of alignment and if it is your atlas (the top bone of your spine) it can cause postural imbalances. Once out of alignment, the body can not self-correct the misaligned vertebrae but will continue to cause muscle tension as your body tries to right itself. This tension in turn irritates the nerves in this region sending a message to an area of the brainstem (trigeminocervical nucleus) resulting in more headaches and thus more pain, tension and muscle spasms.

The way we break this vicious cycle is to correct the cervical misalignments so that the body will come back into balance and thereby reduce the tension and pulling in the muscles and the resultant irritation to the nerves in this region. If you are suffering with headaches, schedule an appointment today to get on the road to feeling good again.


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