Dizziness & Vertigo

It is extremely difficult to function normally when dizziness or vertigo hits. You may feel your head spinning, the room spinning or unable to see straight… and then, the nausea sets in. Specific upper cervical treatment has alleviated these symptoms in our patients.

Your atlas, or C1 vertebra, is located at the top of the spine, just under the skull. This tiny bone has two very important arteries wrapping around it, on their way to supply blood to the brain. When the atlas is misaligned, pressure on these arteries can result in lack of blood to the brain, not to mention throw your whole body off balance as your core tries to make up for your crooked head and neck! Pressure on the brainstem also occurs from an atlas misalignment. The combination of undue stress on the nervous system and reduced blood flow to the brain can create a host of symptoms, dizziness and vertigo being common examples.

One research study looked at 60 cases of chronic vertigo, and results showed that 100% of cases either improved or completely reversed their condition with specific chiropractic adjustments. Fifty-six of the patients recalled a history of trauma, but all of them had a neck imbalance, which was treated by precise upper cervical correction like Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic. All participants had been diagnosed by their physicians with various forms of vertigo, including Meniere’s, positional vertigo and migraine associated vertigo.

If you’d like to have your atlas evaluated to see if it is causing your symptoms call for an appointment today.



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