Concussions (MTBI)

If you have kids or know someone who does…please read this

The study and treatment of concussions is very personal one to me because when my son was in 3rd grade he got a concussion after falling in recess and cracking his head on concrete. The interesting thing I noticed right away is this normally very articulate kid wasn’t making sense. His talk was garbled, and even he said “this isn’t like me, normally I can remember things.” This voracious reader was struggling to read—it was very labored, he made mistakes and it was very straining for him. Even his speech was a little bit slower. All of these symptoms are common and known to happen after a concussion.

What isn’t known is what I discovered next. I took atlas x-rays on him and was mortified to see the worst tipped atlas I’d ever seen in a child—12 millimeters. You can have pressure on your brainstem with just 1 mm discrepancy and he had 12! What made it worse was the severe kink between his neck and head.

The good news is we adjusted him and got the atlas level, his head is on straight and he has recovered 100%. Since that time we’ve successfully treated kids of all ages with post-concussion syndromes. The bad news is, how many kids out there have fallen and hit their heads or had a head injury and have no idea they need their atlas checked? Who is going to tell them? This also got me wondering how many kids might be struggling with reading, focus or learning in school that could be traced back to some fall or hit to the head that messed up their atlas or cranial plates and was never treated.

If you know someone that should be checked PLEASE, for their sakes, schedule an evaluation today.



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