Man with Baby Carrier

Choosing the Right Baby Carrier

People have been “baby wearing” since time immemorial, across all cultures. And though many of us were taken out for a stroll by our parents in a traditional baby carriage, increasing numbers of studies have proven that wearing your baby close to your body is best for your baby’s physical and emotional development. And wearing your baby makes it easier…

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Mold in Your Home

Mold is ubiquitous; its spores are pretty much everywhere. It’s when they are blown into our homes and begin to grow there that they pose a health risk to us. Mold spores in the home become airborne, and exposure to them – living or dead – can cause sinus congestion, cold-like symptoms, sore throats, coughing, and asthma attacks. Long-term exposure…

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Allergy Season Survival Tips

While many look forward to Spring and its abundance of flowers, for allergy sufferers it’s more likely to be a season of stuffy noses, sneezing and watery, itchy, irritated eyes. For some, these symptoms may escalate to include sore throats and headaches. If you experience several of these symptoms and they persist for more than a couple of weeks, you…

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Fall Prevention in Older Adults

Falling is never good at any age, but is a particularly hazardous event for the elderly, who are not able to reduce the impact of a fall as well as younger people can. Most falls occur in women, and the risk increases with age. Fully two thirds of those who experience a fall will do so again within the following…

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Indoor Air Quality: NASA’s Plant Shopping List

Indoor air quality is becoming an increasingly important issue these days, with the increase in pollutants not only from the outside environment, but also from common items inside your home, such as carpets, furniture made with particle board, household cleaning products, paint and even air fresheners. So what can you do to help ensure that the air you and your…

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Is Your Telephone Causing Your Neck Pain?

If you spend long amounts of time on the telephone, either at work or at home, you may find that it’s literally a pain in the neck. Consider the following scenario: you’re at work and you need to talk to a client on the phone while looking up his records, and you wind up cradling the phone on your shoulder,…

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Should You Get a Carbon Monoxide Detector for Your Home?

Most homes have smoke detectors to warn of the smoke created by flames or smoldering fires. In many communities, their use is mandated. However, the danger from fire is actually fairly easy to detect; smoke is visible, and you can smell it. What if there was a poisonous gas in your home that was colorless, tasteless, odorless and incredibly deadly?…

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Gutter and Window Cleaning Safety Tips

Cleaning your gutters and windows can be a dangerous undertaking. Each year, thousands of people die or are injured from falls from the roof or a ladder while cleaning their gutters or windows. It is usually advised that you pay for a professional to do these chores for you, but there are a few things you can do to make…

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Open Road

Health Tips for Long-Distance Drivers

Long hours sitting in a car can take their toll on drivers and passengers alike, both physically and mentally. Anyone who has a long-distance drive ahead of them should learn some useful techniques to make the trip easier so they arrive at their destination safe and healthy. Following are a few handy tips you can use to ease the journey:…

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Proper Driver’s Seat Position

Driving can aggravate pain in your lower back and can even be a contributing cause of chronic back pain. Driving for extended periods of time can put a lot of stress on the spine, as the normal lumbar curvature is easily disturbed by the typical driving position. Add to that the bumping and jostling from traveling over uneven road surfaces…

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Gardening and Your Back

Gardening is hard work! It can put quite a strain on your muscles, especially those in your back. If you don’t garden regularly, be sure to start slowly and work your way up to longer gardening sessions. Here are some suggestions for making the most of your garden while treating your back with care. First, be sure to warm up…

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Indoor Air Quality? Here’s What You Should Know

When most people think about air quality, they usually think about pollution. The first images that come to mind are often those of factories spewing smoke into the sky or long lines of automobiles crawling along endless expanses of highway surrounded by a haze of exhaust. But did you know that air quality can also be an issue INDOORS? It’s…

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