1000 Meals to NW Harvest

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Help Us Meet Our Goal!

This month we have a goal to donate 1000 meals to NW Harvest! We can do this with your help. If you need chiropractic care or just want a spinal evaluation, we are donating our exam fee 100% to NW Harvest this month. During the month of November our initial examination (does not include x-rays) is only $15, normally $130. Not only will you save $115, but you’ll also know your money is going to a great cause. Alternatively, you can donate 5 canned goods to receive an initial examination. Suggested items are listed below ranked by importance.

General Food Items

  • Beef stew, chili and similar meals with low salt, sugar and saturated fats
  • Canned fruit, especially with low sugar (but not artificial sweeteners)
  • Canned fish or meat
  • Peanut butter (plastic jars are preferred)
  • Canned vegetables (low sodium)
  • Brown rice
  • Whole grain pastas
  • Canned tomato sauces
  • Shelf-stable milk

Infant and Baby Foods

  • Baby formula
  • Jars of baby food
  • Powdered or canned milk
  • Infant cereal

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